Por Nuestra Tierra

Selfie of Alex wearing a leather cowboy hat and lightly smiling in front of an ancient pyramid with spiritual significance.

Groundwork Denver’s Sheridan Inspire Coordinator, Alex Tiscareño, created this poem inspired by Pride themes and what environmental justice means to him.


Por Nuestra Tierra

In the tapestry of my soul,

Threads of identity elegantly unroll.

First generation, Mexican roots,

An American path where I rewrite the rules.


As a queer and trans man, I stand tall,

Embracing my journey, embracing it all.

The duality within, a beautiful blend,

Defying norms, breaking barriers, on love I depend.


Growing up in Mexico’s embrace,

Now thriving in America’s space.

Cherishing my heritage, proud and strong,

A fusion of cultures, where I belong.


Nature’s whispers guide my quest,

A sanctuary where I find rest.

Honoring Earth, her spirit alive,

In her arms, I truly thrive.


Working with people, forging bonds,

Empowering hearts, where love responds.

Psychology, massage, and life’s guidance,

Supporting others, my heart’s dance.


Meditating in nature, finding peace,

Grounded in self, finding release.

Favorite books like sacred treasures,

“The Mastery of Love” in all its measures.


Driven by a vision, fueled by passion,

A better world for all, in compassion.

As a first-gen Mexican, queer, trans man too,

Intersectionality paves the way we pursue.


In the tapestry of my soul,

A rainbow of identities make me whole.

With love as my anthem, I proudly proclaim,

An inclusive world where we all find our flame.