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Leaky, inefficient buildings are uncomfortable and lose money, but Groundwork’s energy advisers can help. Groundwork’s certified energy advisers (through the Building Performance Institute) start by asking how energy is being used in the building:

  • what are the thermostat settings?
  • which lights are used the most?
  • how are appliances used and maintained?
  • are people comfortable in the building?

Then advisers look at the main energy-use impacts in a building:

  • what are the insulation levels?
  • how air-sealed is the structure?
  • what is used for heating and cooling?
  • what type of light bulbs are used?
  • where are the energy vampires?

The result of the consultation is the identification of one or two major priorities, and then the generation of a cost-benefit snapshot along with next-step recommendations.

Once recommendations are identified, Groundwork’s advisers continue to help with the improvements process:  Groundwork promotes and connects potential recipients to available resources and programs, help with project tips, contractor referrals and rebate assistance for people taking on the work themselves, either DIY or by paying someone else to do it.

Separate from our free energy audits, Groundwork Denver also has a fee-for-service program! Contact to learn more.