Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI)

In July 2019, GWD established a team to explore and improve the organization’s internal workplace culture and relationship-building with local communities along the principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). As an agency working to bring about the sustained improvement of marginalized communities, one of GWD’s primary organizational goals is to promote JEDI values not only in decision-making and action for community projects but also in the agency’s overall strategic direction. In addition, community engagement and leadership are cornerstones of GWD’s organizational composition. Though GWD prides itself on its historical ability to meaningfully engage the community, the agency also recognizes that these efforts must be increased to ensure JEDI principles continue to be upheld and to position community voices and perspectives at the forefront of GWD’s work and organizational strategy.

JEDI Committee Purpose Statement:

The JEDI committee is committed to upholding the values of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. The JEDI committee aims to:

Initiate and support internal reflection, education, and action within Groundwork Denver staff and board with respect to the JEDI values.

Center the needs of the communities we serve through effective engagement/representation and by providing specific modes for feedback and accountability.

Create pathways for inclusion that strengthen our current relationships and build new relationships with communities that are building resilience against unequal power structures.

Develop and support community youth leaders.

JEDI Journey

The planning stage of JEDI Journey has closed, and we are now working towards implementing the next steps and achieving the set deadlines. Check back in for updates as GWD’s JEDI Journey continues.

JEDI Strategic Areas of Focus


Continuous conversation and feedback around racism and other oppressions


Educating ourselves on privilege and oppression


Centering community voice

Career Pathways:

Formalizing and maintaining equitable pathways for youth and adult community members to join GWD staff or to continue in environmental/conservation field


Creating next steps with deadlines and people attached to them