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The Green Team is a core program of Groundwork Denver, focused on molding youth environmentalists and providing employment and professional development for low-income students in their teens and into their early twenties.

As partners with the GOCO Inspire Initiative, Groundwork Denver targets youth from specific neighborhoods, such as Westwood, Northeast Park Hill, Montbello, Northwest Aurora, Commerce City, and its surrounding areas, to become involved in environmental action, stewardship, and community outreach/engagement.

Our Blue Team investigates water quality, specifically within the Lower Bear Creek watershed. The youth collect water samples and become stewards of Bear Creek and teach their communities how to protect this valuable natural resource.

The Green Team also includes Greenhouse Techs, which are internship positions that allow students to learn hydroponic growing methods while working at Groundwork Denver's social enterprise, Groundwork Greens Greenhouse. During their time at the greenhouse, the techs learn agricultural skills that include biology, chemistry, land management, planning, and food production best practices.

To learn more about these teams, and/or apply for a position, email