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Groundwork Denver sometimes goes by "Groundwork Colorado", especially when we are working outside of the Denver area. When working outside of Denver, we are working with local partners, like schools, town agencies, and other non-profit organizations. For example, the Take Charge! program was implemented all across the state of Colorado in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Labor and local schools, universities, utility companies, and many other partners. We also hired interns across the state to be our on-the-ground connectors.

Similarly, Groundwork Colorado recently partnered with Clear Creek County Department of Public Health to help build their capacity to address lead poisoning issues in their historic towns (e.g. Idaho Springs, Georgetown). We helped them set up systems for childhood blood lead testing, we trained local contractors in lead-safe work practices, and we trained local workers to identify homes with high risk for lead poisoning.

Groundwork Colorado may be available to assist with environmental and community improvement projects around the state, as long as we have a strong local partner, the project fits our mission, and we can work together to identify funding for the project.