The Blue Team is a section of our Youth green teams’ program that focuses specifically on water quality in the Bear Creek Watershed. Currently based in the Sheridan neighborhood, the Blue Team works year-round on the Bear Creek Watershed, collecting field samples, distributing rain barrels, and canvassing in their community to educate their neighbors about the importance of addressing environmental issues.

In addition to working on the Bear Creek Watershed Plan, the Blue team commonly joins forces with our green teams and follows much of the same schedule. This includes a variety of tasks and changes from day to day. One day our youth teams will be helping juice produce at a local farmers market, and the next they will be conducting trail work in the mountains.

At Groundwork Denver, we are shaping future environmentalists who will grow up and continue to carry out our mission in every aspect of their lives. Our blue team members are exposed to potential career options from partners at the U.S. EPA, the Bear Creek Watershed Association, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, South Suburban Parks and Recreation, Earth Force and the Metro State University Biology Department.

Blue Team Video: