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In Metro Denver, one in four children faces hunger. At the same time, tons of food is thrown away every day. In 2014, Groundwork Denver partnered with Denver Food Rescue and Denver Urban Gardens to address this ongoing food crisis. Together we created the Fresh Food Connect App, a program that utilizes technology to address these dual issues by connecting back yard and community gardeners with communities in need, reducing both hunger and food waste.

The basis of the program is simple – community farmers with excess produce that would go to waste donate it to Fresh Food Connect. They leave their produce on the front porch and Fresh Food Connect employees and volunteers come by on trikes, collect the produce, and distribute or sell it at an affordable price to communities suffering from food insecurity. The program has received over a hundred thousand dollars in funding and is servicing more zip codes every year. To learn more, visit the Fresh Food Connect Website and watch the short video below!