The Platte Farm Open Space Project has Officially Been Completed After 14 Years of Hard Work

In the heart of Denver’s urban center, Platte Farm Open Space exists as an oasis of nature, movement, and togetherness. Walking trails wind through the park, and life abounds in the native grasses and plants. Just a few years ago, this picturesque public space in the Globeville Valley looked very different.

Platte Farm Open Space has not always been so inviting as a natural retreat. As a former brownfield site, the area once attracted illegal activity and dumping, invasive weeds, and poorly controlled flooding. Globeville residents, in partnership with Groundwork Denver, Denver Parks and Recreation, Laradon Hall, Xcel Energy, and the State of Colorado, saw past these challenges and instead envisioned “a little bit of country” in the city.

After 14 years, their dream has been realized, complete with a ribbon-cutting and celebration. Platte Farm Open Space now boasts a walking trail, native landscaping, improved pedestrian access, and demonstration of stormwater management utilizing green infrastructure and sustainable landscaping.

The six-acre park is bound by Logan and Lincoln to the east and west and is intersected by 49th Avenue in the middle. But the impact of the newly unveiled park reaches far beyond its borders.

Platte Farm Open Space addresses multiple urban issues in a neighborhood that is surrounded by industry. Globeville residents of all ages enjoy the space as a way to reconnect with nature and combat nature deficit disorder. The park offers options for active living and removes barriers to physical activity. Additionally, it creates a sustainable future by remedying high-cost maintenance, unnecessary resource usage, and seasonal flooding.

The community has driven the restoration project from start to finish. When residents came to Groundwork Denver with their vision, Groundwork Denver offered support to secure funding and see the project through to completion. Led by a resident steering committee, community leaders came together to volunteer for community events, share their lived experience with city officials, and advocate for the nature they deserve in their neighborhood. 

What began as a humble dirt lot now shines in Globeville as a beacon of what can be possible when communities come together. Groundwork Denver is proud to support the Platte Farm Open Space restoration project, and grateful to the residents of Globeville for their vision, dedication, and collaboration along the way.

To learn more about Platte Farm Open Space, visit our program web page.