Groundwork Denver understands the important role that food can play in developing a healthy and sustainable relationship with our natural and built environments. One of the main issues that we seek to address is the presence of urban food deserts within the city that we call home. The two main ways that Groundwork Denver works to combat these local food deserts is by providing affordable, healthy, locally grown produce through our hydroponic greenhouse and our Fresh Food Connect Program. Learn more about them below!

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Groundwork Greens

Groundwork Greens is a 1,800 sq. ft. hydroponic greenhouse located at W 52nd Ave. and Federal Blvd. The Groundwork Greens Greenhouse grows fresh produce for local farmer’s markets, chefs, restaurants, and community members. The greenhouse has the potential to produce up to 4,000 pounds of food per year and includes an entire array of edible plants such as baby Bok Choy, two varieties of basil, many varieties of lettuce, and six varieties of micro-greens. Learn more!

Fresh Food Connect

A few years ago, Groundwork Denver partnered with Denver Food Rescue and Denver Urban Gardens to produce a web-app, designed to reduce food hunger and address food waste and urban food deserts. The web-app is called Fresh Food Connect and serves residential gardeners in the 80205, 80207, 80220, and 80210 zip codes.