Platte Farm Open Space: Implementation is in Sight

Nine years in the making, Platte Farm Open Space (PFOS) is an example of why persistence pays off. On April 24th, Groundwork Denver, along with the City of Denver Departments of Parks and Recreation and Public Works, and Councilwoman Robin Kniech hosted a meeting to update the public on the brownfield-to-open space project that Globeville residents began envisioning more than a decade ago.

Finally, PFOS will become a reality. Residents have kept the ball rolling since 2006. In 2007, Groundwork Denver was asked to get involved. One unique quality about Groundwork Denver is that we are not subject to changes in city staff or city administration. This has been key in our ability to move the project forward. Though this type of change at the city level has impacted the project, as a non-profit we are able to continue raising funds and maintain our role as liaison between the neighborhood and the city.

Two key components required for the implementation of PFOS are the design and the purchase-sale agreement for the properties involved. The design is 90% of the way complete and the purchase sale agreement is in its final draft. Pictured above is a graphic of the site plan.

Without Globeville residents, the vision for this unique project would not exist. Without the city, the planning and design could not happen. Additionally, it has taken the work and dedication of skilled landscape architects who have put resident’s vision to paper. This partnership and the collaborative nature of this project help put meaning behind our tagline “community action, environmental results.”

Janice Ediger, a Globeville resident involved in the PFOS project, said she has already noticed the new space bringing community members closer together and looks forward to what’s to come following the highly-anticipated groundbreaking.

“It has been a very long process. The three neighbors who have been closely involved all along have spent almost ten years and I’ve watched us get older and I’ve seen things sort of improve in the neighborhood,” Janice said. “We’ve already come a long way but it feels great to know after all of this time and the hard work from Groundwork, it does look like there will be a payoff with a lasting benefit to the community. Platte Farm Open Space will keep people in touch with the natural world and will a hold a piece of how Denver used to be. As we see cranes and tall buildings going up everywhere, we’ll still see a meadow that can be enjoyed.”

Stay tuned for further updates. We will host an ice cream social this summer to keep people engaged and updated and will continue to finalize the design which will require the incorporation of a stormwater detention area.

For questions on the Platte Farm Open Space project, email