Home Energy Audit Services

Groundwork Denver is a registered Xcel Energy contractor, with the ability to offer up to a $200 instant rebate on an in-home energy audit. Our BPI-certified energy specialists investigate your appliances, furnace and insulation to identify and prioritize energy-saving improvements. The energy audit also includes:

  • A blower door test that can determine how much air your home loses each hour through leakage
  • Combustion Appliance Zone testing (if atmospherically vented appliances are present)
  • Infrared/thermo images that provide a better idea of what’s happening behind your drywall and other areas that can’t be seen
  • A customized report highlighting valuable tips and tricks to help you conserve energy and reduce monthly bills. There’s no obligation, and you can apply those recommendations as you see fit.

Just by identifying simple changes, audits can save you $5 to $300 a year on energy bills.


  • $150, and a 2-3 hour timeframe

Green-Up Package:  If you’re ready for improvements right now, minor upgrades can be made during the audit. Optional upgrades include an assortment of energy-efficient lightbulbs, low-flow showerheads, water heater and supply pipe insulation, a programmable thermostat and/or carbon monoxide detectors.

  • add $50 to $150 and another hour

Wind Chaser Package

Groundwork Denver’s BPI-certified technicians can bring your home to an established level of air-tightness.

After identifying the air leaks in the home (with the use of a blower door during the energy audit), technicians will seal up those drafts by weatherstripping doors and windows, caulking holes and gaps and sealing ductwork.

Typical savings are from $45 to $100 a year.


  • $50 per hour for air-sealing
  • 1-2 hours is the average timeframe for air seal

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If you would like to hire Groundwork Denver to an Energy Audit in your home please contact our Energy Audit Coordinator Elysa Goldman.

Elysa Goldman