Celebration Garden Essay


It is the garden where I have come with many heavy hearts, it’s there where I have wiped many tears, where I have had my deepest thoughts. The garden is a place for healing where you can lay down your problems and mend your heart. I have seen many carry their hurt into the garden and leave without it, have taken their pain to the garden and found a remedy, some who have been hopeless and left with a little more hope. I would have never thought that putting my hands into the soil or even being surrounded by plants could bring light into my world when it is darkest.



Being surrounded by mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and grandmothers who are strong and self-actualized individuals who inspire and motivate me, many who I now call my family and friends. To see women like myself running organizations like this and starting revolutions and movements is empowerment. Women helping one another, calling on each other, supporting and uplifting her fellow sister is an image you often see at the garden.



An ingredient that we never forget to radiate to the plants and people in the garden is love, and when I received this love is the day I realized that the garden is much more then what I thought, it is my backbone, my inspiration, my support system, my escape, my change, my growth, my beginning , my family , Mine.


By Viviana Barnabas, Senior at East High School