Blue Team Blog Series; Entry Three: Alexis Martinez


Blue Team member Alexis Martinez (background) hanging out in the water and loving every second of it.


Since I’ve begun working with Groundwork Denver I have been able to both grow and learn through the work that we have done. I have learned so much about the Bear Creek Watershed, and how to do things like collect water samples and much more!

Working with the Blue Team has been a great experience for me. The guest speakers that have come to Sheridan to speak with us have taught many interesting things I didn’t know before becoming a member of the team. My co-workers and bosses have made this job such a positive experience and make each work day so much fun.

While taking samples of the water I’ve learned there are many duties involved in the process of administering water tests. For example, there is someone who will go into the water wearing special pants called “waders” who will collect the sample. There is also someone who will write down all the information that is being collected; this person is called the scribe.

The friends I have made during my time with the blue team also make the job a lot of fun. I really love this job, it’s not just flipping burgers or packing groceries, it’s about knowing about your environment and working to make an impact in your community. I have really enjoyed these weeks I have been working with Groundwork Denver!