Blue Team Blog Series; Entry Five: Diana Blanco

Blue Team member Diana Blanco peering into a creek in Empire, CO

Blue Team member Diana Blanco peering into a small creek in Empire, CO


My experience at Groundwork Denver

I would like to say that Groundwork Denver is a really great job and it was a great opportunity I took. Here we learn things about water most people don’t know. What I really like is going out and sample the water because we get to get in the water, use the prob, collect water, and get a good walk which is good. I like to use the prob because it tells us the temperature of the water, how dirty it is, the ph which I believe is the measure of ions, the conductivity. I also like when we have guest speakers who tell us about their work and how it involves water. I learned so much! For example, there are many different career options that involve water. We get to go outside and walk to Bear Creek, which by the way gets me tired and smelly because of how hot it is, but it’s still cool. I believe there should be more people that should get involved especially for those that like the outdoors and give back to the environment. It’s a really great experience, not just that but the people I work with are great and nice and funny people. I work with Dele which is a great guy to work with and helps us in workshop, he’s pretty cool. Rachel is amazing she makes us laugh and she is a very happy and excited person. Melake is a really cool person to work with he is so cool and funny. These people are what makes the Groundwork Denver Blue Team such an awesome job. Overall this has been a very good experience and it makes me feel good to be taking care of the water and giving back to the community. There are some days where we do many different things like for example taking weeds out in Bear creek going on bike rides and going to different places that teach us about water and what life forms it carries in creeks. I am so glad to have had this job over the summer.