Fresh Food Connect: Innovating for Good

Fresh Food Connect Screen Shot II

We’re thrilled to announce that Groundwork Denver, Denver Urban Gardens and Denver Food Rescue have won the Innovate for Good award for our project Fresh Food Connect!

Rose Community Foundation asked the simple question: What new and innovative idea would you bring to life to make the Greater Denver community a better place to live?” 

We put our heads together and developed the concept of the Fresh Food Connect (FFC) App to bring healthy fresh produce to food-insecure families, reduce food waste, and provide jobs to low-income youth.

Check out this short video to see how it will work:



Fresh Food Connect Screen Shot



(click here to see the video).

Gardeners will open the FFC App to indicate that they have extra vegetables to donate. The FFC App will map out a route for youth employees to collect the vegetables using bikes and trailers. The produce will then be donated or sold very affordably at youth-run farm stands, accepting both cash and food stamps.

Fresh Food Connect is a great example of how non-profit organizations can come together, collaborate and find innovative solutions to the challenges we see in our communities. We each brought our expertise, resources and talents to the project and came up with a solution that will have a big positive impact. And we had a lot of fun doing it!

The Rose Community Foundation award includes $25,000 to develop the App and run a small pilot project in the 80205 zip code. We’d like to raise an additional $10,000 to really get the project off the ground. In our first full year of the project, we expect to redistribute 40,000 pounds of vegetables to 715 families.

If you are a gardener in 80205 and want to find a good home for all of your extra zucchinis this fall, email us and we’ll let you know when we are ready to launch the project.

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