Energy Auditors Going Above and Beyond


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Over the years the Groundwork Denver Home Energy Assessment Team (Elysa, James, Miriam, Mitch and Pat) has been known to go above and beyond their call of duty to help the people our energy program serves. Whether that’s with outstanding customer service and kindness or a side project in someone’s home to help them become as energy efficient as possible. So the following story should come as no suprise to those who are familiar with their work…

Back on February 2nd, James and Mitch completed an energy audit at a home in Globeville. The blower door numbers were unfathomably high for such a small home. James and Mitch discovered that the attic (previously converted ito a partial living space by the owner) was directly tied to the living space by an open staircase. Therefore leaving no door or form of closure to separate the staircase and attic from the living space, and causing a significant amount of air leakage. Identifying this situation as a barrier to the residents becoming more energy efficient and overspending on energy bills James and Mitch decided to tackle the problem.

Over the course of two working days (3/9/15 & 3/23/15), the pair designed and constructed a cover for the staircase. The installation of the cover instantly reduced the air leakage in the home by over 25%! Great job James and Mitch, you guys are difference makers in the community and your work is appreciated!


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  1. Julie Connor on April 15, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    Are they available for hire?!