April Volunteer Events Wrap-Up

April was a big month for volunteer events at Groundwork Denver, and only the beginning of many more events/projects to come over the next few months!

4/12/2014 Lower Bear Creek Stewardship Day; KEEN River Clean-Up Tour

Our first event of the month was sponsored by River Network and KEEN Footwear, in partnership with the City of Lakewood Parks and Open Space at Stone House Park on Saturday April 12th. As a stop on event sponsor KEEN’s Spring River Clean-Up Tour, the LBC stewardship day drew in a group of about 90 volunteers to help Groundwork Denver progess our Lower Bear Creek Watershed Plan Program and get the community involved in taking care of a negatively impacted waterway as it flows toward its confluence with the South Platte River in Denver.

Our outstanding group of volunteers had people young, old, and everywhere in-between! Notable projects carried out by volunteers were: protecting of trees from beaver damage with sand paint and/or chicken wire, removal of chain link wrapping on trees, trash and litter removal around ponds and the creek, willow staking creek banks, restoring a horse crossing passing through the creek, and clearing major log jams. Overall the project was a huge success for Groundwork Denver and the City of Lakewood, but it would not have been possible without our event sponsors and our wonderfully hard working volunteers!

collage of volunteers

4/26/2014 Volunteer Farm Day at Sustainability Park (S-Park) One Day in Denver

Our second noteworthy volunteer event of April was this past Saturday April 26th at Sustainability Park (S-Park) in the Five Points neighborhood of downtown Denver. As a part of the city wide event One Day in Denver, which was part of the bigger nationwide storytelling event One Day on Earth which was designated as April 26th Groundwork Denver staff, volunteers, and partner Produce Denver (Nick Gruber) were hard at work in the farm!

The point of the project was to make volunteers aware of and engaged in urban agriculture efforts in Denver and the importance locally grown food and benefits of community driven agriculture and farming in urban areas. In addition is was an opportunity to share the story and mission of Groundwork Denver and our Green Team program which employs Denver youth age 14-22 to work in spaces like S-Park for One Day in Denver/One Day on Earth.

Once again youth and adult volunteers came together to help Groundwork Denver, and in this case long time partner Produce Denver, get things done! Volunteers help to spread cover crop to prepare for growing new crops, planted raspberry bushes, and pull weeds to add to an extending berm on the farm.

volunteer collage

Both projects were a huge success and so much meaningful and necessary work was done thanks to help of some great volunteers, partners, and sponsors!