Putting the Students to Work!

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If there’s one thing in the non-profit world we love, it’s VOLUNTEERS! A gratuitous, yet effective work force that we rely upon so heavily. In the past week Groundwork Denver has had 25 students volunteers from two different universities participate in three projects!

Students from an Environmental Ethics class at Colorado College came up to Denver for an afternoon and helped us carry out a porch bulb project in a major area of focus for our organization, the Elyria and Swansea neighborhoods of North Denver. This group did a great job and assisted us in reaching more residents of the area and sign them up for free home energy assessments, and recycling. In addition, students conducted and collected survey responses for important neighborhood planning efforts in Elyria/Swansea concerning the section of I-70 that passes through these two communities.

Our second group of students volunteers were four young ladies from the University of South Dakota who are visiting the city of Denver this week through an alternative spring break program AWOL (Alternative Week of Off-campus Learning).  The group volunteered with Groundwork back to back days, doing a porch bulb project in Commerce City one day, and helping clean-up around the DPS farming site at Bradley Elementary the next.

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Both groups of students were ambitious and enthusiastic about helping Groundwork Denver work towards our mission and goals and it was a pleasure to see bright young faces donating their time to become ambassadors for our organization for a day (or two!) and helping not only Groundwork, but more importantly the communities in which we work!

We are very thankful for the work put in by these students for a few of our many volunteer projects and we are always looking for more!

If you are interested in volunteering with Groundwork Denver please contact Volunteer Coordinator Dele Johnson via email dele@groundworkcolorado.org or phone 303-455-5600 ext 209
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