Groundwork USA has been awarded the prestigious Partners in Conservation award from the US Department of the Interior


Denver, CO – Groundwork USA, the national umbrella organization for local Groundwork Denver, was chosen by the National Park Service for the Department of Interior’s 2013 Partners in Conservation award, for the outstanding contribution of its network of organizations, including Groundwork Denver, to conservation nationwide through community engagement and cooperation with local, state and federal partners.

“We are truly honored to have been selected by the National Park Service for the work we have done over the last decade to transform the lives of young people in their own communities and on public lands,” said Wendy Hawthorne, Executive Director of Groundwork Denver and Board member of Groundwork USA.

Each year Groundwork Denver provides about 35 youth with jobs that introduce them to career paths in environmental conservation and community development. They work on projects ranging from constructing community gardens to planting trees to habitat restoration at the Rocky Mountain National Park.

“We give back to people young and old in all kinds of ways!” says Makalah Emmanuel, a 19 year-old Green Team member at Groundwork Denver, “Whatever it is we are doing, we are usually giving back to the community, and that’s something I wouldn’t trade in for the world.”

GWUSA 2014 - DOI award

Groundwork USA was among 30 organizations nationwide invited to the White House last September to participate in President Obama’s Youth Jobs+ Champions of Change Initiative, which recognizes remarkable individuals who have taken the President’s call to action to help develop the discipline and skills associated with employment for our youth, as well as the youth who have been impacted by these local programs.


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