Goblins and Gold: A Ghoulishly Good Time!

party image

On Wednesday October 30th Groundwork Denver held a ‘friend and fundraiser’ Goblins & Gold, a party of the Halloween variety as one might guess given the timing. The event was a chance for our supporters, partners, friends, and families to learn about Groundwork Denver’s accomplishments over the past year, as well as a look in to what we will be doing moving forward.

The party started with guests making their way through our ‘Haunted House of Environmental Horrors!’. The “horrors” of the haunted house were all areas in which Groundwork Denver has programs or projects working to address issues that are either detrimental to environmental or personal health and well-being. For example, “The Catacombs of Leaky Doors and Windows” or “Up E-coli Creek” to name a few of the spooky attractions.

There was a great overall turn out for the party and plenty of Halloween spirit in the air as many of our guests and employees dressed as all different sorts of characters. We had just over 100 people show up for the party throughout the night and we raised nearly $2300 dollars in donations from all of our wonderful guests!


And it wouldn’t have truly been a Groundwork Denver without our awesome bike blender machine! The mean green blending machine took a break from its usual fruit smoothie duties and provided the party with some bike powered adult beverages. Guests jumped on blender to make margaritas (original and strawberry) and orange dream-sickles!

We were also very lucky to have delicious vegetarian appetizers provided for the party by local caterer Sarah Gordon, proprietor of Revolution in the Kitchen www.revolutioninthekitchen.com.

To see more pictures from the party check out our Facebook album here.

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the party last week you are very much appreciated!

Wendy and guests