Neighborhood Energy Outreach: Elyria/Swansea


The Neighborhood Energy Outreach project in the Elyria and Swansea neighborhoods of North Denver on Saturday October 12th was awesome! We had a good turn out of great volunteers who were ready to get out on the sidewalk and knock on doors to help make a difference in these communities.

With that being said, the Groundwork Denver staff and Executive Director Wendy Hawthorne would like to say THANKS to everyone who helped make Saturday a great volunteer event! We are the ONLY organization willing to get on the ground like that (hence our name GROUNDwork Denver) to get people involved in improving their own community and environment.

Wendy had this to say after the event,  “I canvassed for the first time in a while and was reminded about how wonderful the people of Swansea are…”


Wendy goes on to say, “People were literally waiting for us to get there. I was really struck by the fact that the many many people had their doors open, unlike other neighborhoods where every door is locked tight. When asked ‘what do you like best about living in this neighborhood’ the two answers I heard most were ‘tranquilo’ (calm, peaceful) and ‘I’ve lived here all my life – it’s home.'”

The event was such a success and we are excited to help the people of Elyria and Swansea get free insulation in their attics and help decrease impacts on the environment in these neighborhoods.