Green Team Growing Healthy Food for their Peers

Planted and growing crops with hay to suppress weed growth.

Planted and growing crops with hay to suppress weed growth.


This summer Groundwork Denver’s highly esteemed Green Team has been working twice a week at urban farming sites located at Denver Public Schools’ (DPS) Schmitt Elementary and Bradley International School planting pounds upon pounds of vegetables that will end up in their peers’ school lunches this upcoming school year.  Beginning in August, the food will be delivered to school kitchens throughout the district, and served to students across the county.


The Green Team, in partnership with our good friends and local urban sustainability and landscaping firm Produce Denver, planted 9,900 pepper plants, 5,700 tomato plants, 2,500 zucchini plants, and 3,000 cucumber plants [holy fresh produce Batman!]. As advocates for healthy eating and active living, HEAL for short, having the Green Team work to provide healthy, locally-grown food to their peers is a great opportunity to develop their ever-growing skills in urban agriculture while setting a positive example for the community.

Green Teamers worked on this garden from start to finish.

Green Teamers worked on this garden from start to finish.


Produce Denver was awarded a contract to farm the Bradley and Schmitt school sites by DPS. The Request for Proposals was put out by DPS Enterprise Management Department (includes Food and Nutrition Services), and our partners Produce Denver were selected out of a pool of applicants by a review committee. Groundwork Denver is proud to be partnering with Produce Denver to give Denver youth the opportunity to work on this project and be a part of this revolutionary sustainable food distribution model for DPS.


The Green Team has been working at these farms throughout the summer, generally on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Planting peppers at Kepner Middle School's garden.

Planting peppers at Kepner Middle School’s garden.


Groundwork Denver is a non-profit organization that works to improve the physical environment through community-based partnerships and action. The Green Team is Groundwork Denver’s youth development program that provides meaningful jobs and mentoring to Denver youth.  |


Produce Denver is an urban farming and outreach company committed to increasing and ensuring access to locally produced healthy organic foods.  Our methods include establishing urban farms and networks distributing food we produce in the Denver region, edible landscaping, educational and labor outreach programs helping businesses and private households grow their own food, food donations to local food banks, and selling food at restaurants and corner stores.


Denver Public Schools Enterprise Management Department provides healthy food and nutrition education so all students have the opportunity for success.  The Department serves over 45,000 lunches and over 22,000 breakfasts to DPS students each day.  Food Service Workers are trained in the culinary arts so they are able to use fresh, local produce in a variety of entrees.  For more information about the farms and other initiatives in DPS School meals, visit