The Green Team Gets a New Green Fleet!

GT bike fleet

Groundwork Denver’s Green Team, known for taking to the trails and streets of Denver of on their bicycles, are giving the name Green Team a new meaning with their flashy new accessories. Less than a week ago the team acquired eight new green Specialized mountain bicycles. These new bicycles will be used by youth team members to travel to and from projects in urban community gardens and farms and energy education outreach and canvassing.

The Green Team has received these bicycles through a new partnership that has been formed between Groundwork Denver and COMBA (Colorado Mountain Bike Association) thanks to the support of the REI Grant and Wheat Ridge Cyclery. The addition of these mountain bicycles to the Green Team’s available resources is a huge boost to the capacity of the youth to continue their work as youth urban environmentalists and community stewards.

On top of providing the Groundwork Denver Green Team with a very valuable set of resources in the form of eight new bicycles, COMBA will also be providing Green Team members with training in sustainable trail design, construction, and maintenance in addition to training  in recreational mountain biking.

COMBA’s work is usually done in the Colorado backcountry in places like Buffalo Creek Recreation area and Pike National Forest but has recently recognized “an opportunity to extend our work from a backcountry setting into the urban core of Denver.” By partnering with Groundwork Denver’s Green Team, COMBA intends to take advantage of this unique opportunity.