Groundwork Greens is Groundwork Denver’s social enterprise project that grows and sells fresh produce to local restaurants and food purveyors in addition to selling produce in a local farmers market format in Denver and the greater metro area, including low-income food desert areas, while also providing job training to low-income youth in our Green Team program. Groundwork Greens is an 1,800 square foot greenhouse with the potential to produce up to 10,000 pounds of food per year using hydroponic growing systems. Currently there is an entire array of edible plants flourishing in the greenhouse: baby bok choy, two varieties of basil, two varieties of lettuce, and six varieties of micro-greens.

Thanks to developer Susan Powers, the Aria Denver team, and the Denver Office of Economic Development, Groundwork Greens is located within the Aria Denver Community at West 52nd Avenue and Federal Blvd. Groundwork Greens is a part of Cultivate Health, a collaborative effort to help support the health and wellness of residents living in the neighborhoods around Aria and Regis University.

If you are interested in visiting the Groundwork Greens or learning more about this project please contact our Greenhouse Manager Emily Sepulveda


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