Groundwork Denver has partnered with Denver Public Schools (DPS) to farm an acre of land at Schmitt and McGlone Elementary Schools; with the goal of putting fresh, healthy and locally grown produce into the school meals program!  Providing nutritious meals to students across Denver is a commitment of Denver Public Schools and Groundwork Denver is proud to have the opportunity to support the effort with the work of our Green Team.  Promoting personal health and community well-being is an important principal of our Green Team and working the land at DPS provides the opportunity to put this concept into action. Recognizing that well-nourished children are better equipped to learn, will help motivate our Green Team during the hot summer days working out at the farms.  Come support our work to grow vegetables for Denver students by helping at one of our ‘DPS farm volunteer days’!  Contact Dele at Groundwork Denver at 303-455-5600 for more information about DPS farm volunteer dates.

As advocates for healthy eating, having the Green Team help bring healthy, locally grown food to their peers in a groundbreaking localized sustainable model is a giant step in the right direction and a great opportunity to develop their skills in urban agriculture, strengthen their sense of community, learn about part of the process that puts food on our tables.

Our Work at the Farms in Action!

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