Built Environment

The way in which we design our urban environment can have positive and negative impacts on the health of citizens.  The placement of highways, railroad tracks, parks and open space, mass transit or the presence of dilapidated infrastructure, all influence a person’s ability to engage in physical activity.  Whether it is walking to the park or grocery store or riding a bike to work, if there are missing sidewalks, highways creating dead end streets or lack of open space, it is more challenging for people to be physically active in everyday life.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention less than half of adults (48%) get enough physical activity.  In Colorado about 19% of adults engage in no leisure time physical activity.

Groundwork Denver works with residents in a variety of ways to create an environment where people can more easily engage in leisure time physical activities such as walking and biking.  Through our Key Connections initiative we promote physical activity by enhancing the visibility of recreational amenities and creating safer access points to local parks and trails.  Planting trees, installing cross walk stripes, and establishing new open spaces are other ways in which we work with residents to improve the built environment.

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