The History of Mike Miller and Our Seedlings

Most people recognize tomatoes as the edible round fruits used to make some of the world’s best tasting dishes (spaghetti, lasagna, we’re talking about you). Michael Miller, however, has a vision for tomatoes that goes beyond cookbook recipes. Just as … Continued

Celebration Garden Essay

HEALING It is the garden where I have come with many heavy hearts, it’s there where I have wiped many tears, where I have had my deepest thoughts. The garden is a place for healing where you can lay down your problems and mend … Continued

Thanks for Being a Great Partner Project ReCycle!

Over the past 4 years Groundwork Denver has helped to connect many youth in Denver, Commerce City, and Sheridan to free bikes and helmets through various projects, programs, and events. Working to promote cycling as a sustainable and multifaceted mode … Continued

Rocky Mountain Arsenal Volunteer Day Recap

It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in the Denver Metro area on February 27th when a sizable group of volunteers joined Groundwork Denver out at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge for a native plant species seed collection project! … Continued