Groundwork Denver in search of new Executive Director

Groundwork Denver’s search for a new Executive Director to replace Wendy Hawthorne has reached its first milestone, with the application window closing on November 24. The search committee is excited about the diversity and quality of the candidates expressing interest in … Continued

Announcing Groundwork Greens Holiday Salad Baskets!

Groundwork Greens is Groundwork Denver’s social enterprise project that grows and sells fresh produce to local restaurants and food purveyors. The 1,800 square foot greenhouse also sells produce in local farmers markets, such as the Goldspot Brewery Farmer’s Market and Slow Food Sunday at … Continued

Sister Gardens at Aria 2017 Spring/Summer Events

For years Sister Gardens at Aria has hosted a number of agricultural classes, workshops, farm stands, volunteer days, and community events and this year is no different. Check out the fun happening at Sister Gardens at Aria this season by … Continued

The History of Mike Miller and Our Seedlings

Most people recognize tomatoes as the edible round fruits used to make some of the world’s best tasting dishes (spaghetti, lasagna, we’re talking about you). Michael Miller, however, has a vision for tomatoes that goes beyond cookbook recipes. Just as … Continued

Jobs for Sheridan Teens!

Check out the job description here: BLUE Team Crew Member_Job Descriptions_Sheridan  

Celebration Garden Essay

HEALING It is the garden where I have come with many heavy hearts, it’s there where I have wiped many tears, where I have had my deepest thoughts. The garden is a place for healing where you can lay down your problems and mend … Continued