Groundwork Denver works to improve air quality for Denver residents by promoting the use of public transportation and bicycles as opposed to single-occupancy vehicles.

Every mile not driven in a car equals one less pound of CO2 emissions.  This is why our Strive to Not Drive initiative focuses on reducing the amount of time people spend in a car by themselves, either commuting to work or running errands.

Through the Strive to Not Drive project, residents are provided support to facilitate trying different travel modes to get around town to work, shop and play. Information includes maps, guides, online resources, smart-phone apps and personalized trip planning, which help northwest Denver residents to travel  by foot, bike or transit. Residents requesting information are also offered an incentive to help use their chosen mode of travel; participants can chose a pedometer, LED safety band or RTD round-trip fare.

More About Strive to Not Drive

The Strive to Not Drive project is a community-based social marketing project focused on inspiring and incentivizing Denver residents to walk, bike or ride transit instead of driving alone. The project, which receives Federal Highway Administration funding through its Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) program, is aimed at helping individuals reduce travel expenditures and CO2 emissions, while contributing the community benefits of reduced traffic and increased air quality.

Strive to Not Drive is available in the neighborhoods of:

  • Jefferson Park
  • Sunnyside
  • Berkeley
  • Chaffee Park
  • Regis
  • Highland
  • West Highland
  • Sloan’s Lake
  • West Colfax
  • Villa Park
  • Barnum
  • East Barnum
  • Valverde

Strive to Not Drive also hosts hands-on activities and business/neighborhood challenges. Activities include Transit Ride-abouts, bike giveaways and Fix-A-Flat clinics. Business/neighborhood challenges have included Earth Day in the Highlands Square area, Car-Free Day in the Berkeley retail corridor on Tennyson, Denver’s Bike to Work Day, and Re-Imagine West Colfax.

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