Our Urban Farms program focuses on improving the connections between farm, table, food, and health. We do so by re-purposing otherwise unused space and taking advantage of modernized forms of produce growing through technology and hydroponics.

GWD Urban Farms

Groundwork Denver works to embrace creative and eager minds, teaching them the value of urban farming, of nutrition, and of food justice. Our gardens, farm stands, and agriculture classes work to provide greater access to better food, giving community members who are often overlooked more control over the food that they eat. Our gardens also focus on providing youth with the knowledge and tools needed to ensure that the connections between farm, table, food, and health are never lost.

Groundwork Greens

Another piece to our Urban Farms program includes our social enterprise project, Groundwork Greens. Groundwork Greens is a 1800 sq. ft. hydroponic greenhouse, producing fresh produce for local farmer’s markets, chefs, restaurants, and catering companies. The greenhouse has the potential to produce up to 10,000 pounds of food per year and includes an entire array of edible plants such as baby Bok Choy, two varieties of basil, two varieties of lettuce, and six varieties of micro-greens.

Fresh Food Connect

Groundwork Denver has also partnered with Denver Food Rescue and Denver Urban Gardens to produce a web-app, designed to reduce food hunger and address food waste. The web-app is called Fresh Food Connect and serves residential gardeners in the 80205, 80207, 80220, and 80210 zip codes. See below for a short video on how Fresh Food Connect works.

If you came to this site through UrbiCulture Community Farms, Groundwork Denver and UrbiCulture merged in 2016.


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