Clean air in the urban environment is not always a given.  As a city we are home to a variety of industrial and manufacturing uses such as power plants, recycling facilities and animal rendering facilities.  We are also home to millions of people who drive single-occupancy vehicles on a daily basis.  Each vehicle mile traveled releases certain amounts of toxins into the air which compromises the air we breathe.

Groundwork Denver works to improve air quality for Denver residents by promoting the use of public transportation and bicycles as opposed to single-occupancy vehicles.  We also partner with residents to plant trees and reduce energy use in single family homes. We are also working with residents of Globeville to solve a severe industrial odor problem in the neighborhood.

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More About Air

Every mile not driven in a car equals one less pound of CO2 emissions.  This is why our Strive to Not Drive initiative focuses on reducing the amount of time people spend in a car by themselves either commuting to work or running errands.  We work with people who have an interest in spending less time in their cars.

Planting trees is another effective way to improve air quality.  Trees filter dust and remove toxins, such as carbon dioxide and ozone, from the air.  Trees also help to offset the “heat island” effect.  A heat island is caused by an abundance of glass or concrete often found in our urban environment.  Some studies suggest that a 1 degree rise in temperature equals a 2% increase in peak energy consumption. This means that our power plants are working harder and therefore emitting more toxins into the air.  By planting trees, we help reduce these emissions.